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The original logo was revealed on January 26, 2017. It was then upgraded and has been in use since January 13, 2019.

Welcome to OutWorld Fleet Radio, an online radio station where disparate soundscapes harmonize and geek culture takes center stage! Prepare for an interstellar journey as we navigate through a vast cosmos of music genres and stellar shows.

Our adventure began on June 1, 2014, when OutWorld Fleet Radio emerged as the stellar sibling to Roundtown Radio. Initiating transmissions exclusively during weekends, the inaugural broadcast under the Star Entertainment banner shimmered into existence on January 26, 2017. As the stars aligned on January 13, 2019, our frequencies permeated the ether, beaming our signal across the galaxy on a 24/7 schedule.

Undeterred by celestial turbulence, OutWorld Fleet Radio has steadfastly pursued its mission to captivate a global audience on its own orbital trajectory! In April 2021, we valiantly repelled a hostile takeover attempt initiated by iHeart Radio, proving our resilience and unwavering dedication to our cosmic community. Thereafter, we embarked on a new odyssey, joining forces with the Live365 network on June 1, 2021, to showcase the expansion of our extraordinary programming.

The cosmic convergence reached its zenith on December 28, 2022, when our celestial vessel was finally assimilated into the esteemed galactic fleet of our parent company, Number One Media, LLC. With this momentous unification, OutWorld Fleet Radio gained even greater resources to fuel our ongoing exploration of sonic frontiers.

Don’t forget to explore our Transmitted Timeline, where each celestial milestone of our station’s journey is meticulously chronicled. Prepare to witness the pulsating rhythm of our celestial exploits, merging the boundless wonders of space with the captivating allure of radio. Get ready to embark on this stellar odyssey with OutWorld Fleet Radio!

“Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop listening.”

We are broadcasting from the Eastern Time Zone to all mankind and entertaining the imagination with a universe of geeks and genres.


If a programmed show runs longer than 60 minutes, you might see it displayed as “undefined” or “no metadata available” due to the stream information. Don’t worry, though! Any shows you see listed in theΒ SHOWTIMES sidebar are currently airing as scheduled. We’re transmitting non-stop, so there’s always something playing unless we’re temporarily off the air. Enjoy your listening experience!

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