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The FAQs About OWF

OutWorld Fleet Radio is your interstellar companion, harmonizing music genres and stellar shows since our launch on June 1, 2014. We’re like the radio equivalent of a spaceship, taking you on a journey through the cosmos of sound!

Yes, as this allows us to broadcast to a global audience. We are not on a traditional frequency or satellite radio.

Yes you can! All of the music and programs are able to be heard by everyone.

You have several options for streaming our cosmic sounds. You can press the play button on our website, listen on our Live365 page, use the MyRadioStream link in your computer or mobile media app, or even tell Alexa to play OutWorld Fleet Radio. All the details are on the front page under the “Tune In” header.

The station is located in Ohio (US Eastern Time Zone). However, most of the shows are based in other states and countries.

Yes! The music licensing for the station had been obtained from Live365 and is provided by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, AllTrack, SOCAN, Re:Sound, PPL, and PRS. For more details, click on the link provided in the website footer. All the shows have been provided by the hosts and still retains those copyrights. The audio dramas broadcasted on OutWorld Fleet Radio are sourced from the public domain, meaning they are free of copyright restrictions and legally available for public use and enjoyment.

OutWorld Fleet Radio uses StationPlaylist Studio, which handles all of the music, shows, radio IDs and drops, soundbites, and commercials.

Most music rotations happen every hour, with certain spots that showcase tv/movie themes, retro classics, current hits, and geek/comedy recordings. This is also the same process for the radio IDs and celebrity drops, the movie and television soundbites, and commercials. The featured shows will always air at the top of the hour.

Our original logo was unveiled on January 26, 2017. But like any good spaceship, we upgraded our systems! Since January 13, 2019, an upgraded version of the logo has been in use.

OutWorld is from Mortal Kombat. Fleet is from Star Trek. This name concept was created by the legendary Z-Man.

We faced a hostile takeover attempt from iHeart Radio, kind of like a space pirate raid! But we survived and demonstrated unwavering dedication to our cosmic community.

Listener feedback is always welcome, and you can voice yours here. However, if you would like create or provide a show, please click on this form. If you would like to advertise with us, please click on this one. We are always looking to expand our content!Β 

Total protonic reversal! In our case, it would probably just result in a bit of static.

The OWF Radio Federation is a collective of companies that are in partnership with OutWorld Fleet Radio. These companies, all under the umbrella of Number One, LLC, work together to enhance and expand the reach and offerings of our brand of internet radio.

The OWF System Alliance refers to the network of esteemed establishments that OutWorld Fleet Radio proudly supports. We regularly run commercials for these businesses on air, helping to promote their services and offerings to our listeners. It’s part of our commitment to fostering a vibrant and interconnected community.

A Nocturnal Dawn: This soothing program block is perfect for early risers or night owls. It features gentle melodies and heartfelt lyrics, providing a tranquil transition from night to morning. This program is suitable for a general audience.


OWF Main Programming: Your daily dose of entertainment! Tune in to discover a dynamic blend of songs and shows spanning a multitude of genres and content. This program is also suitable for a general audience.

OWF After Dark: Tailored for mature audiences, this program block features an eclectic mix of songs and shows across diverse genres and content.

The Big TGIF Party: Every Friday evening, get ready to groove and celebrate as Flounder brings you an electrifying mix of songs across a wide range of genres. This program is designed to get you in the mood for a fantastic weekend ahead and is suitable for a general audience.

The OSBC Happy Hour: In partnership with Olde Salem Brewing Company, this program block offers a diverse medley of music genres that harmonize with their crafted brews. Each invigorating beer derives its name from a song within this eclectic music rotation. This program is suitable for a general audience.

A Stellar Evening: This captivating radio experience invites you to embark on a sonic journey across a diverse range of genres, igniting your evening with a vibrant array of music. This program is suitable for a general audience.


Each program block is carefully curated to provide a unique listening experience and we hope you enjoy them!

Infinite velocity is reached and the DJ mutates into a salamander.

Absolutely! We’re honored to have had several celebrities lend their voices to our station. You can find links to their notable works on our front page as a token of our appreciation for their contributions.

β€œDon’t stop believing. Don’t stop listening.” And remember, in space, no one can hear you change the station!



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